Creator: Egerion First Release: 4/1/2023


This is the Black and White 2 Trainer v1.2.0.1 (Final) , for B&W2 version 1.2 (if you do not update to 1.2, this trainer will not work). This trainer also does not work with BOTG. -- Some people experienced an issue where the trainer would say "White.exe in memory. Not connected". Meaning: The game is running, but the trainer is not connected. This has been fixed and tested. -- "Use Wonders Without Charge" is now functional once more. This is the *only* feature that was not properly translated from the previous version the first time. (Fixed) The readme is contained in the .zip file, named "BW2v12_Trn_v1201.txt" Thanks, - Zhoul

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  • First release: 4/1/2023
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